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Persischer Tabrizteppich 71x 53cm -
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Hand knotted Persian Carpet "Tabriz" 71x 53cm

Material: Wool with Silk

Ursprung: Iran / Persian

Region: Tabriz

Teppich-Nr: 11638

Herstellung: hand knotted

Persian carpet

The timeless oriental carpet for your home.

For thousands of years, classic Persian carpets have delighted people with their outstanding quality, fineness, diverse patterns, impressive medallions and lavish borders.

Our Persian carpets come from Iran.

The experienced carpet weavers produce high-knot, durable and unique Persian carpets that have an excellent reputation all over the world.

Tabriz carpet

Tabriz (Tabriz) is located west of Tehran and is one of the largest cities in the country.

It is the capital of East Azerbaijan province.
A good Tabriz carpet has a fairly short pile. The patterns usually consist of a central medallion surrounded by garden motifs and arabesques. Another popular motif is the four seasons, which depict the life of the farmer in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The pattern of this Tabriz is set off with shiny pure silk, which is handcrafted from the cocoons of the silkworm. The silk elements create a shiny contrast and allow the colors to shine in different nuances, depending on the incidence of light. The weft threads of this Tabriz are made of cotton. Pure silk was used for the warp threads.


Note: The brightness of the carpet colors is perceived differently depending on the viewing angle.

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