About Us

The story of Farhadian.com extends far beyond my own story. Because it all started in Tehran, where my great-grandfather offered hand-knotted carpets from the most diverse provinces of the country in the Persian bazaar.

My father, then 16 years old, laid the foundation for the traditional trading company Houschang Farhadian in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg when he emigrated to Germany in 1957 with the first carpet.

With his eye for special one-offs, he made a name for himself in the wholesale business worldwide.

For more than 50 years he built up a range from which countless carpet lovers, but also furniture stores and retailers, chose their carpets and offered them for sale.

I remember jumping from one pile of carpets to another as a child and spending time in my father's warehouse.

I have been dealing with carpets since I was 13 years old and developed a love for details and living atmosphere.

In 2022, as the fourth generation of the Farhadian family, I decided to use my experience from the digital world and combined it with my original roots: this is how Farhadian.com was born, an online shop in which I select the best, noblest and highest quality carpets from my father's selection, but also from many other suppliers and offer it on the digital bazaar, the Internet.

I tie in with the traditional companies and would like the art of knotting from Persia to get the honor it deserves in Germany, but also internationally.