In addition to carpet cleaning, carpet repairs are particularly important in order to preserve the beauty of your carpet. We offer the following services in this area:

Replacing fringes and holes
Carpet fringes are delicate. Over time they accumulate dirt, the fringes can knot or come loose. We only treat your carpet with original materials - including cotton, new wool and silk. In order to prevent the carpet knots from unraveling, we mend the fringes by hand in minute detail.

Unfortunately, holes cannot be avoided either. A carpet is also a piece of craftsmanship, but it is still a commodity. We can correct worn areas and cracks with detailed precision work.
Next to the carpet fringes, the carpet edges are the most stressed. We restore your carpet at the edges to give it a pristine appearance again. For this reason, we work with colors and materials that come closest to your carpet - for a highly precise result.

Color refreshment of the carpet
Over time, the colors of a rug lose their intensity because daily use leaves its mark. But improper cleaning can also affect the luminosity of your carpet. We extract the natural colors for carpet manufacture and repair from plant fibers such as crushed pomegranate or walnut shells. This is how we can help your faded carpet to get fresh colors again.