Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a piece of craftsmanship for your home.
However, they are heavily used in everyday life. Furniture, steps, food and drinks, but also children and pets leave their mark. Regular care is essential so that you can enjoy your carpet for a long time.

We offer you traditional hand washing and effective stain removal for professional carpet cleaning in Hamburg, even with stubborn dirt. We also take care of the odor removal and moth removal of your carpet.

We clean carpets from all countries of origin:

• Persian carpets
• Afghan carpets (Bokhara)
• Pakistani carpets (e.g. Ziegler, Chooby)
• Chinese carpets (including silk)
• Nepalese carpets (e.g. Nepal)
• Turkmen carpets
• Indian carpets
• Russian carpets

As a carpet cleaning professional in Hamburg, we conscientiously take care of your carpets.
You can entrust us with models made from a wide variety of materials and weaves – our experts are guaranteed to find the right solution for professional cleaning and care.

We take care of carpets of all materials:

• Virgin and cotton carpets
• Polyester carpets
• Bamboo silk rugs
• Silk carpets

However, we have specialized in gentle treatment with biodegradable cleaning agents. This is not only good for the environment, but also for the quality of your carpet.


Since the cleaning and care required for each carpet is individual, it is not possible to give any specific information about the costs. Carpet cleaning costs vary depending on the carpet type, size, material and weave, as well as the cleaning method chosen.

Contact us - we would be happy to make you an offer, whether you just want to have your carpet cleaned or would like additional impregnation or similar services.